Tim Kaine’s Anarchist Son Facing Charges Over Rioting [VIDEO]

Anarchist Linwood Michael Kaine, 24, of Minneapolis, son of losing vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine has had three charges filed against him for his part in throwing smoke bombs and pepper spraying at a pro Trump rally in Minneapolis.  Linwood Kaine is charged with a gross misdemeanor and two misdemeanors, according to the St. Paul city attorney.  The gross misdemeanor is resisting arrest violently.

 Kaine is charged with fleeing police on foot and concealing his identity in a public place, both misdemeanors, and obstructing legal process with force, a gross misdemeanor.

Obstruction with force is a nice legal way of saying he resisted and fought a cop in the effort to get away.

Kaine was one of the small group clad in black. The police noted this is “an indication of people who identify as anarchists,” according to the compliant. The police had intel beforehand that the anarchists were going to hit the rally.

After storming the rally, Kaine and his buddies tried to get away.

Five people who left the Capitol went to a nearby spot and “tried to change their appearance by doing things like taking off their black clothing, putting on different jackets or hats, and turning their clothing inside out,” according to a complaint.

When police ordered the five to stop, they scattered and ran. Frazer, the police commander, began to chase one of the men, later identified as Linwood Kaine.

Kaine kept running until the officer tried to grab him. But Kaine tried to “spin out of his clothing to get away.” They needed other officers in order to hold onto him.

Other officers arrived to help as Kaine “was swinging his arms and pushing at Sr. Cmdr. Frazer in an attempt to get away. … His motions were violent and rapid” and, when officers had him on the ground, he bucked and flared “his arms and legs,” the complaint said.

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