Thugs Traps White Girl On Train, Show Her Disgusting New Use For Earbuds [VIDEO]

Female student is brutally attacked by two suspects who ‘pushed, punched and bit her’ in broad daylight on a Chicago train while other passengers did nothing.

While coming home from a morning college class, a 19-year-old white girl became trapped in the back of a city train by a black mob, waiting for most passengers to exit.

Jessica Hughes, told WGNTV she was going home in Berwyn, Illinois after a morning class when a man sat in front of her in a near-empty car.

A man and a woman violently attacked a female student in full daylight on a Chicago train, leaving her with a black eye, a broken nose and teeth marks.

The man, she says, jumped at her and asked for her phone, which was in her pocket.

“He jumps up from his chair, and goes on top of me, and asks me for my phone, but my phone was in my pocket, and I had my headphones on, so he was yanking at my headphones, and then he pushed me to the floor, and then started beating on my head,” Jessica explained to WBBM, recalling how the thug used her earbuds to overpower her. However, the attack was just getting started, and what witnesses did while it was happening has left her in fear for her life.

Hughes says other passengers just stood by ignoring her calls for help as the man and a woman beat her up.

The 19-year-old says she knew something was wrong as soon as the man sat in front of her and looked right at her.

The blue line train was approaching the Kedzie-Homan stop.

‘I had my headphones on, so he was yanking at my headphones, and then he pushed me to the floor, and then started beating on my head,’ she told CBS. ‘He bit me on my left hand.’

The attacker, she says, was with a woman who punched Hughes in the nose, breaking it.
Most passengers had left the train at a previous stop but two men witnessed the attack according to Hughes.

‘They just watched,’ she told CBS. ‘I feel like people just don’t want to get involved.’
She told WGNTV: ‘He kept beating on me. I’m yelling help to the other people and no one came ‘

The man and the woman made off without her phone and police are now looking for the two suspects.

Security cameras captured footage of the attack. Chicago police with review the video as part of an investigation with the transit authority.

Hughes, who told CBS it would be hard to ride the train again, said the man who attacked her was African American, had facial hair and was in his mid twenties.

He wore a blue hat, a grey hoodie an baggy pants below the waist at the time, WGNTV wrote.

The woman was also African American and in her mid twenties, had long black hair and looked notably thin, Hughes told the network.

As she tries to recover from what happened to her, Jessica and her father, Richard Amador, are left with a sour reality of the racist and selfish world we live in today. When two grown men can watch a teen getting ambushed, inches from where they stand, and have no instinctual reaction to protect someone, society has devolved to a frightening place.

If the race tables were turned, there would be massive outrage about a black girl being ambushed by a white mob, which would be headline news, demanding justice for this “racist attack.” What’s racist, is to only call it that when African-Americans are the victims and consider it equalizing the game when it’s reversed.

Perhaps the cowards who watched and refused to get involved were afraid of being called racist. Or, maybe their negligence showed that they agreed with the actions taken against this innocent girl. No matter the consequences, real men step in to help another human being, and to not do anything, is acceptance of what’s happening.


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