Three Thugs Shotgun Ex-Marine, Think He’s a Goner? Not By a Long Shot [VIDEO]

Michael Irving, an ex-Marine (If there is such a thing) heard a knock at the door and when he opened it, three thugs pushed their way in and he was hit by a shotgun one of the thugs was in possession of.  The 62 year old man took some time to recover from the blast, but when he did, he did it with style.

He shot the man with the shotgun, then warned the woman not to pick up the shotgun.  When she tried, he shot her.  The third thug then whipped out a semi automatic pistol and Irvin shot him after the thugs gun misfired.

Moreover that Marine Corps training waiting lying dormant and ready to be used “just-in-case” kicked in, and within a flash Irving grabbed his pistol and just like that Parris Island training he had at boot camp, squeezed off a few rounds shooting the guy with the shotgun first, and then the other two.

Irving acknowledged that it took him awhile to recoup from the shotgun blast, moreover perhaps the 3-thugs thought they had killed him, however, once he regained his wits and grabbed his handgun the rest as they say “is history.”

 “I didn’t know them or who they were, why me? Why shoot me? When I walked right here to open the door, that’s when they shot me. Right there, cut loose on me and that’s when I went to the cabinet here and back behind the coffee I had an old-time pistol and then I opened the door and smoked ’em,” said Irving.

Irving continued: “When he shot me, he was backing up with a single barrel to put another one in, I said, ‘Oh no no no no,’ so that’s when I opened the door and shot him, and he fell down and kinda did the cattywampus and laid down his shotgun and the girl reached over to get it, and she’s thinking he’s too bad to reload it and shoot. So I told her, ‘You better leave that gun alone or I’ll kill you.”

H/T The US Herald



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