Three Teens Add A Little ‘Something’ Extra To The Home Economics Teachers Cherry Turnover

Sunday night, Westside Superintendent Blane McCann sent a letter to parents concerning the “disturbing incident.”

Two Westside High School students have been charged with disturbing the peace and lewd conduct after mixing their semen into frosting and serving it to their home ec teacher.

The charges, both misdemeanors, were filed in juvenile court Friday, said Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine.

On Dec. 8, the 14-year-old boys went to a school bathroom, masturbated into containers and then mixed their semen with frosting meant for turnovers, a law enforcement official has said.

Three students planned the act, authorities said, but only two went through with it.

The boys served the tainted turnovers to their home economics teacher, who was doing a quality-control taste test.

The teacher realized something was wrong, and another student later approached her after overhearing the boys discuss their plot.

Two students told school administrators about the act.

School officials are not disclosing how they are disciplining the boys.

No state law specifically covers the act of bodily fluids forced on a person, though there are laws against spitting on police officers.

Kleine said he anticipates discussion among law enforcement officials and state legislators on whether Nebraska needs a specific law to deal with such behavior.

“We think obviously there should be consequences for this kind of behavior,” Kleine said. “Teachers should be protected.”

Juvenile court judges can decide the consequences for youths whose cases are referred to the court.

Kleine said prosecutors consulted with the teacher, who told them she understood why they were filing those charges. “She was very appreciative that we were moving forward,” Kleine said.

The father of one of the boys declined to comment when reached by phone Friday afternoon.

The family of the other boy could not be reached for comment.

Sunday night, Westside Superintendent Blane McCann sent a letter to parents concerning the “disturbing incident.”

“Please understand the complexity of this for all involved, and know district leadership and Board of Education members are in constant discussions to determine the best course of action,” he wrote. “Protecting privacy rights, and keeping all of our students, families and staff members safe, is paramount to us at Westside Community Schools.”

A petition circulating online asking officials to expel the students has received more than 6,000 signatures.

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