Three-Month-Old Baby Dies After Being Left Alone In Baby Swing

The grieving parents of a three-month-old boy who died after being left alone in a baby swing are warning others about the dangers of leaving infants unsupervised.

Jeremy Rainsford, from Armadale, Western Australia, said he fed, burped and then placed his son Kayden in a swing so he could go to the toilet.

When he came back 60 seconds later, his son was unconscious and died in Princess Margaret Hospital in the early hours of Monday morning.

Having to perform CPR on his son “broke” him, Mr Rainsford told 7News.

Kayden’s mother Emma Granger added:

“Don’t leave your children unsupervised in those swings.”

But the couple, who also have a two-year-old son Tyler, are not blaming the swing and believe their son choked on his own vomit.

A coroner will determine the cause of the baby’s death.

Jake Brooks, a family friend, set up a GoFundMe page to help the family with funeral costs.

He wrote:

“Kayden is a very much loved little man who’s life was suddenly taken with unknown cause.”

Source: Yahoo!

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