• June 15, 2024

Three Black Race Hoaxers Get No Jail Time

 Three Black Race Hoaxers Get No Jail Time

Three black female students from the University of Albany accused white students on a bus of using racial slurs along with a physical attack against them.  Once off the bus the three girls called the police and filed a complaint.  They might have gotten away with the hoax had it not been for the nearly dozen videos made of the confrontation on the bus.  The truth is the three attacked a man and three women, all white on the bus while using racist epithets.

Last Friday two of the girls,  Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell were found guilty of perpetrating a race hoax, yet unbelievably they didn’t receive even one day in prison.  The third woman had already pleaded guilty.

The judge stated:

“There have been significant consequences already for what has happened, but I don’t think there’s any benefit in sentencing you to a jail term — no benefit for society and no benefit for you.”

The judge is not the only one who thought jail was inappropriate.  Here’s what the DA said:

“This case has never been about jail for us.  It has been about taking responsibility and setting the record straight so the community would heal. The defendants have chosen this path instead. Even now, all we’re asking for is an apology.”

None of the three girls even apologized for their false accusations, the beatings, the racial rants or the trouble and publicity the white students underwent in their effort to clear themselves.  Hillary Clinton, looking to score points with blacks condemned the innocent white students before any of the facts were revealed.

Does anyone doubt that the white students would have seen the inside of a prison had they been found guilty?  Or if there were no videos that cleared them?  The victims suffered more than the perpetrators of the race hoax.  That is inherently unfair.  All three women were expelled from college.

H/T TimesUnion

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