This Popular Non-Alcoholic Drink Can Destroy Your Liver

Mary Allwood had to go the hospital where doctors diagnosed her as an alcoholic because of her swollen liver and the damage to it.  She kept arguing with the doctors, saying that she was not an alcoholic.  The doctors then started asking her about other habits she might have to see if there could be am alternative to alcohol and there was.  Allwood confessed to having a Red Bull habit.  She told them that she would drink up to 12 of them a day.  As it turns out that was the cause of her liver damage.  It’s just a good thing she sought medical attention.

 “They kept talking about alcohol and asking how much I drank,” the patient, Mary Allwood, said. “They said my liver looked the same as someone who was an alcoholic and that’s when I said I drank at least 12 Red Bulls a day. They looked at me in disgust.”

Yet it turned out the cause was not liquor, but copious amounts of Red Bull: specifically, 20 cans a day.

Allwood spent more than roughly $3,000 a year to consume the equivalent of 17 chocolate bars’ and 16 cups of coffee worth of sugar and caffeine respectively.

Consequently, in late 2015 the woman was rushed to the hospital in serious pain where it was revealed her liver had doubled in size because of the fat from the sugary drinks.

Allwood explains she was addicted to the energy drinks.

“I needed it and I didn’t care at the time what damage it was doing to me,” she said. “If I didn’t get my fix I would be miserable and grumpy and it just wasn’t an option – I would make sure I got it”

Since her hospitalization, however, she has gone “cold turkey.” Recent tests from May 2016 reveal her liver is now back to normal. She has also lost weight.

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