This Popular Children’s Activity Is Starting To Cause Terrifying Consequences

These marks were made by a popular rental item parents get for their child’s birthday party. The item is the bouncy house. Brenda Sanderson’s, ten-year-old son broke out in the marks after a birthday party. When they didn’t go away, Sanderson took him to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed him with a staph infection!


The bouncy house had not been properly cleaned. How gross! Staph infections are caused, according to the Mayo Clinic, by the staphylococcus bacteria that can be found in the nose or on the skin of healthy people.

Most of the time, the bacteria doesn’t cause any problems -but may cause minor skin infections. If the bacteria get into your body, they can have deadly consequences.

So, if you decide to rent a bouncy house for your child’s party, just be sure that it was properly sanitized to avoid this problem!


Rafael Smith

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