This One Person Could Beat AOC, And She Is Panicking!

How in the world AOC catapulted into political stardom is still beyond me and to most people. The socialist darling that burst onto the stage in 2018 has perplexed almost everyone with a few working brain cells. Seriously, AOC has not an ounce of experience but that isn’t what ticks me off the most about her. It is the fact that she paints herself as a victim of America and not a success story at all.

Where else in the world would a young woman like herself be elected into office with little to no experience? At any rate, AOC and her hateful rhetoric against America need to go and it appears the PERFECT conservative counterpart to the radical and wildly popular New York Democrat has been found to run against her.

Enter on stage, Desi Cuellar. Now, just like AOC, Cuellar is Hispanic, has a working-class background, and — get this — he’s also a former bartender. However, that is where the similarities end between the two. While AOC has lived a rather comfortable and well-funded lifestyle for someone who brags that she is just a working-class “schmuck” like everyone else, Cuellar has been homeless.

Cuellar released a hard-hitting campaign ad that was released earlier this month detailing the REAL differences between himself and AOC. One of the biggest differences between the two is that while AOC sees herself as a victim of this country, Cueller has been able to work hard and make something of himself, thanks to the tremendous opportunities provided to him by the country he loves and is proud to call home. He tells the story of working several jobs, including tending bar, to make ends meet. “But I never thought of myself as a victim, or blamed systemic racism for my problems,” he explains in the ad. “I worked hard, and I never gave up.”


Here is more from Western Journal: Cuellar, who joined the National Guard in 2015, explains he signed up for the service because he had always “wanted to do more for my country.” “I am proof that opportunity exists for anyone in this country, that America is worth fighting for, that our values and our constitutional rights set us apart from the rest of the world,” Cuellar stated. “But my opponent AOC is doing everything she can to undo what countless Americans have died to preserve.” At the end of the two-minute ad, which highlights his background as a Cuban immigrant and how he pulled himself up by his bootstraps after hard economic times — something that AOC has brilliantly declared is physically impossible to do — Cuellar delivered the final shot. “I’m here to tell AOC that the party is over,” he concludes, in Spanish. Boom. “AOC is running and propagating so many leftist policies and it has forced me to feel like I have to do something because I don’t see anyone else doing anything about it in my area,” the 34-year-old Cuellar, who left active duty service in the National Guard to launch his campaign, told the New York Post earlier this month. The Post noted that despite only launching a campaign committee in June, he’s already raised an impressive $60,000 and met with key local conservative leaders, including the Bronx Conservative Party head Patrick McManus. “He seems like he would be a positive thing comparatively to our current congresswoman,” McManus said. Of course, a “positive thing” as compared to AOC is certainly setting the bar rather low for New York’s 14th district.

Cuellar seems like far more than simply a step up from a radical socialist hell-bent on destroying jobs, raising taxes, and capitalizing on her working-class roots and her Puerto Rican grandmother’s plight for political gain while enjoying her lavish Washington D.C. lifestyle and virtue signaling with Met gala ball gowns. Yes, like all of the most powerful political Marxists that have gone before her, AOC is, at the end of the day, a fraud. She drives a Tesla, shops at Whole Foods, and was apparently much happier to tweet about her grandmother’s water-damaged apartment in Puerto Rico than she was to actually send poor abuela some cash to fix it.

Meanwhile, despite presenting herself as a Bronx-raised working-class hero, she actually appears to have grown up in Westchester, New York, and faced little hardship in her life — and she most certainly hasn’t signed up to risk her own life to defend her country or anyone in it. Cuellar is the ideal candidate to take on AOC. He knows better than anyone what working-class Bronx and Queens residents are facing, and he knows the horrors of the socialism that his prospective political opponent tries to paint as “moral.”

He appreciates the country that gave his family refuge from Castro’s Cuba. Rather than promote policies that would bring the communist dictator’s ideals here, he signed up to serve in the National Guard to give back and protect the land he loves. Let’s hope that Cuellar’s run will inspire others across this great land of ours to take advantage of the rights still available to them. Many more need to get involved at the local, state, and federal levels to fight back against this attack on our values — and fight for the preservation of the American dream.


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