• July 16, 2024

This Little Boy Sung A Thirty Year Old Song And Brough The Whole Audience To Their Feet…

 This Little Boy Sung A Thirty Year Old Song And Brough The Whole Audience To Their Feet…

So far on last year’s season of America’s Got Talent, there have been so many performances that have completely blown us away. And several of those performances have come from 10-year-old Peter Rosalita. He’s a kid with the voice of an absolute superstar.

Peter is just 10 years old, but his voice is mighty. He performed Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” for the very first live show of the season on America’s Got Talent. His performance was so good that Simon Cowell predicted he will make it through to the next round of the competition.

Peter lives with his mom, dad, and aunt in Abu Dhabi. He is a proud Filipino citizen. He has been singing for as long as he can remember. Peter’s audition has continued to blow up online. Celine Dion’s team even posted about it on Twitter. He had a lot to live up to with his next performance and he definitely delivered.

Peter donned a metallic suit and walked out onto the AGT stage with confidence. The metallic suit was a power move. He belted the lyrics to the classic ballad with very strong vocals. Confetti flew down from the ceiling as Peter lit up the stage front and center. He got a standing ovation from all four judges and the entire audience.

The clip has received more than 2.5 million views, and people are clamoring for more Peter as he makes his way forward in America’s Got Talent 2021. And America has fallen in love with Peter.

The following comments were selected from nearly two thousand posted to America’s Got Talent YouTube, via AWM:

“He has an astounding control of his vocal, he preferred  to sing the concert version of the song which is so difficult to perform, but he did it easily and leisurely – may God bless him.”

“He is only ten years old, but his voice sounds like a professional. True artist! Go ahead. The universe will open its way! You are such a beautiful human being!!”

“This kid made me absolutely cry and smile at the same time. He is truly a miracle. How does a ten-year-old have that much talent but can any ten-year-old you know remember that many lyrics? He is the BEST.”

“He has a great quality voice, his tone, his diction, the pitch, What a voice goodness, a great singer in the making.”

Some people watched Rosalita in the audience. They turned to YouTube later to relay their experience.

“I was in the audience during this, and I was blown away. This kid is seriously talented.”

“I was there tonight to witness this performance, and yes, his voice sounds amazing in videos, but my god, is it so much better and so much more powerful in person. this kid is absolutely amazing.”

Watch him hit every note with his gorgeous voice in the video below:

Sources: AWM, AGT/Youtube

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