This is the Worst Water Hazard in the History of Golf [VIDEO]

If you play golf, you know the toughest part of most courses are the water hazards.  But some water hazards are much worse than others especially when it’s made up of two very angry 11 foot alligators.  In a sand trap, you can lose a stroke but in this water hazard you could lose an arm or a leg or both.  I played golf this morning and shot a 61.  However, I did much better on the second hole.

A golfer was interrupted mid-game by two alligators who were locked in a vicious duel.

The gators, measuring about 11 feet each, faced off at the Eagles Golf Course in Tampa, Florida, in a video that has since gone viral.

The reptiles could be seen thrashing their tails, snapping their jaws and flipping each other over in a shocking spectacle captured on film.

The four-minute video shows two alligators trying to bite each others’ tails as the golfer can be heard uttering, ‘What the heck?’

When he approaches the animals, one alligator had managed to flip the other one onto its back while clamping down on its leg.

The supine alligator managed to flip back onto its stomach, even though its rival clamped down its neck in a dangerous choke hold.
That deadly grip loosened before the two were at it again, thrashing each other while the golfer looked on in shock.

At one point, the golfer extended his hand in front of the camera, showing off what appears to be an alligator tooth that broke off during the brawl.
The two alligators could be seen with bloody gashes before they went their separate ways.

But one struggled to walk, and by the time the other one slipped into the water, it could barely move.

After nearly five minutes, both alligators stared off at each other in the water, seemingly too wiped out to continue.

H/T The Mail Online


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