• May 18, 2024

This Handyman Just Revealed A Brilliant Way To Prevent Squatters From Getting Into Your….

 This Handyman Just Revealed A Brilliant Way To Prevent Squatters From Getting Into Your….


When squatters moved into Flash Shelton’s mother’s California house, Shelton took matters into his own hands.

He is now assisting others who are in a similar circumstance.

Shelton told Fox News in March that after his father passed away, his mother opted to rent out her home. She turned down a bunch of potential tenants, but they broke in and moved in nevertheless.

The authorities claimed they had no power to take action. Shelton thus opened the door and remained.

The squatters were so irritated that they left right away. Shelton reclaimed his mother’s house.

This week, he told Fox News that he is now offering his services to other homeowners dealing with squatters. “I can’t go in and remove them, but I can go in and move in with them,” he said.

His message to the uninvited inhabitants? “I don’t know what you’re doing, but this is my home now.”

Shelton said he even installs Ring cameras in every room in the house. “People kind of want to get away as fast as possible,” he said.

I applaud Shelton, as I know his story well in my own way.

For his creativity and bravery in handling his mother’s squatter problem, Flash Shelton deserves to be hailed as a hero.

The individuals who entered those four walls without authorization had no business being there. Even when the law does not say so, common sense does.

The Shelton family valued that house greatly. To the squatters, it was easy pickings, which meant something entirely different. They saw it as a chance worth seizing since the law was on their side.

My suspicion is that Shelton’s success was due to the fact that he did not own the house. He might have ended up in a lot of trouble and even in jail if he had owned the house instead of his mother. This is the way the game is conducted. It’s astounding.

In the modern world, those who follow the law are not protected by it, while those who defy the law are. Americans who work hard are frequently forced to pay for those who take advantage of the system. How is it even slightly acceptable?

Squatters ought to have no rights at all. Once legal ownership is established, police should have the authority to throw them out on their ears. It shouldn’t take months of legal proceedings to hold the landlord accountable for intentionally victimizing the squatter.

All of this is really outdated, and for certain landlords, it may be disastrous. Additionally, it costs insurance providers millions of dollars annually.

According to Porch, “There are currently several million properties with squatters in the U.S.” In certain situations, if the squatter lives there long enough, he can legally claim possession of the property.

Squatters need to be actively removed because of this. This is a difficult and extremely demanding process. Landlords wind up paying a hefty price for it as well.

The squatters bear no risk or costs during the procedure. Finally, they can go continue on their merry way and repeat the act on another unsuspecting landlord.

Additionally, you risk being sued if you chance to be asked to serve as a squatter’s reference and provide an honest, unfavorable assessment. Because so many landlords don’t, the cycle and the squatters’ scam continue.

Flash Shelton merits recognition. Individual willpower is essential in these cases as long as our legal system continues to operate against the very people it was intended to protect.

Welcome to the America of today, when decency is rewarded and crime is punished. How unjust.



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