This European Power Just Became The First To BAN COVID PASSPORTS!

The world has been in chaos since the coming of the COVID-19 virus.

World leaders have taken this golden opportunity to clamp down on freedom in the name of security, which never ends well.

Nations around the globe are grappling with how to handle the virus that has a 97% survival rate. How can they save them all?

After brainstorming and looking at the science of viruses, these benevolent leaders in countless countries have decided that everyone must be vaccinated.

Then once you are vaccinated, to travel, work, or even go into stores, people have to show proof of being vaccinated.

Can anyone let these world leaders know that the book of Revelations would like their plotline back?


At any rate, while countries are clamoring to make this happen, and sadly, the land of the free and the home of the brave is one of those nations toying with this idea, there’s one nation that says, no way, José.

That country is Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Reports indicate that a strategic legal battle in the Balkan nation scored a significant victory for Bosnians. 

Lawyer Mirnes Ajanović reportedly defeated the Bosnian federal government in court to prevent the passage of COVID-19 Passes. 

The legal victory would make Bosnia & Herzegovina the first European country to outlaw COVID-19 Passes for its citizens.  



BIH News had the story (translated):

Bosnian Lawyer Mirnes Ajanović defeated Bosnian Federal government.

Government didn’t put COVID pass in action. Bosnian Lawyer Mirnes Ajanović defeated government intention to take freedom from Bosnian citizens by imposing Covid Pass.

With his law skills and constitutional knowledge and with official papers from Pfizer he managed to defeat government and prevent it to impose Covid PASS.

Bosnia become first country in Europe without COVID pass.

Corona infection in Bosnia is going down and there will be no forced Covid- passports for Bosnian Citizens.

Mirnes Ajanović succeeded in applying the BiH Constitution, laws and criminal charges, concrete evidence that vaccinated people transmit the virus as well as unvaccinated ones, and that it is absurd to introduce a code certificate – to force the FBiH government to withdraw the decree. and for the cantons to give up the introduction of totalitarianism and discrimination against citizens.

The entity in Bosnia, the Republika Srpska, has never announced the introduction of Covid certificates, so that the whole of BiH remains a free territory.

Mirnes Ajanović’s months-long struggle for the rule of law without divisions and restrictions has led to BiH being the first and only country in Europe to be freed from Covid’s confirmation, and this man’s struggle should be a guide to other lawyers, academics and free thinkers around the world that freedom can be accomplished.



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