This CVS Employee Stopped Thief From Robbing Pharmacy. How CVS Rewarded Him Is Absolutely Sickening!

People should have a reasonable expectation to be able to defend themselves and their places of business.

Even if they do not own the business outright, there are people that work for companies that they look at as if they owned it by the way they feel about the company.

For example, a friend of mine back in the 1990s worked for a small video store. He wasn’t the owner but he worked for the place all throughout school and on into college and the place was a second home to him. One day, there was a guy that came in and tried to rob him.

As the thief tried to put his hands into the register my friend headbutted him, knocking him out. I happened to be using the bathroom in the store at the time and heard the yelling. I came out and actually had the guy tied up when the police arrived. The owner of the store bonused him double his pay that week.

That’s how people should feel about their places of business and how people should be rewarded. HOWEVER these days it seems that corporations are more worried that if the person robbing their store is going to sue them.

Via The Blaze:

Former CVS employee Zacharia Phillips took down a would-be drug thief and protected the store’s pharmacist from harm, but CVS fired them both anyway.

In a statement, CVS said that Phillips and the pharmacist had violated company policy by stopping the thief.

The incident occurred at a CVS store in Greenfield, Indiana, in November.

Phillips was working at the store when a man entered and strode back to the pharmacy. Phillips said that the suspect, 22-year-old Jagger Maupin, handed the pharmacist a note that said, “This is a pharmacy robbery.”

Surveillance footage of the incident showed Phillips and the pharmacist following Maupin — who attempted to steal Oxycodone — to the front door, tackling him before he was able to get away.

The two employees were able to restrain Maupin, who was reportedly unarmed, until police arrived.

Police charged Maupin with robbery, resisting law enforcement, obstruction of justice, theft, and battery.

Phillips said that he doesn’t believe it’s fair for him to lose his job over the incident.

“I was defending myself, defending my pharmacist,” he said. “If we get attacked, we are not even allowed to defend ourselves.”

“[Maupin] could have been out to hurt somebody else or endangered somebody’s life if he had gotten drugs,” he added.

Phillips also told WISH-TV that he wasn’t about to let that happen.

“People are human. They react at things. Especially when you see someone going after someone you consider a friend, your instinct is to protect them,” he explained.

“We’re not allowed to fight back, we’re not allowed to do anything,” he added. “We’re just supposed to let them have these dangerous drugs and be on their way. They don’t value anybody; they don’t value employees; they don’t value customers; they value money.”



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