• July 21, 2024

This City Just Banned The Unvaxxed From Getting Married!

 This City Just Banned The Unvaxxed From Getting Married!

Government leaders around the world have been having a field day since the COVID virus swept over everyone. Within just moments, these power-hungry politicians FINALLY had in their hand the golden ticket to enforce as many restrictions and strip freedoms from people all under the name of safety.

These elitists in power have tried everything to scare people into giving up their freedoms and nothing seemed to work, but a virus from a faraway land that is known for oddities was the magical unicorn they were needing. The media played everyone like a fiddle since early 2020, hyping the virus up as a monster that if anyone caught it that would mean certain death.

Now, do not get me wrong, I am not saying or have ever said that the virus isn’t real or that it hasn’t caused thousands of deaths, but I do question the tactics that have been used to gain mass compliance.

While in America people are fighting mandates that require people to show proof of vaccinations in order to keep their jobs one area is skipping that step altogether and going even bigger.

A Canadian municipality is requiring proof of vaccination in order to get a marriage license.

How long do you think it will be before that begins here too? I can totally see it happening in New York, Washington State, California, or Oregon, right?

Before it occurs here they will most certainly see how it goes down in the densely populated area of Oakville, Ontario.

The officials are demanding “proof of identification and proof of full COVID-19 vaccination” or a confirmed medical exemption before someone is allowed into a recreation or culture facility, including arenas, community centers, pools, and many more.

“Appointments for marriage licenses and ceremonies that have already been booked prior to September 22 will not require proof of full vaccination, however, any new appointments for marriage licenses and ceremonies will be required,” the town announced.

blog posting at ZeroHedge said, “After Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government imposed one of the most restrictive vaccine mandates in the developed world, one Canadian town has taken medical tyranny to the next level by refusing to grant marriage licenses to couples that aren’t fully vaccinated.”

The city of some 200,000 residents admits its demands exceed that of the province, but it wants to “to provide added protection to our community and town staff from COVID-19.”

The posting noted, “We thought that’s what the vaccine was supposed to do?”

“Oakville isn’t alone in trying to push more people to get vaccinated. President Trudeau adopted one of the most restrictive mandates around in part to try and force stalled vaccination rates higher. Trudeau and his government are demanding that all public servants either get vaccinated or face unpaid leave. This includes all federal workers ‘in the core public administration’ and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,” the posting said.

“Federal contractors including cleaning staff must be vaccinated to gain access to government buildings. The government is also asking all employees in federally regulated air, rail and marine transportation sectors must establish vaccination policies for their employees that effectively require vaccination.”

The posting said, “It’s just the latest reminder that this isn’t really about ‘safety’ – it’s about control.”

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