• May 25, 2024

This Cashier Made Fun Of A Little Girl’s Purchase….Then DAD Showed Up

 This Cashier Made Fun Of A Little Girl’s Purchase….Then DAD Showed Up

For anyone with children, the most fired up and angry that any of us might get is when someone is trying to make fun of them or hurt them in any way.

Now, kids are going to tease other kids and that is an exception to the rule in most cases but there is no reason why a child should ever be made to feel embarrassed about something by an adult.

Kids go through a lot in their adolescent years as most of us seem to forget as we get older. Our bodies are seemingly rebelling against what had been the established order and there are things that we are probably embarrassed as all sin to have to buy to begin with.

For a guy, imagine if you had really bad acne and you were buying some of those acne creams or the medicated pads and the person who was checking you out at the cash register started calling you pizza face. If you were the parent of that young boy you would probably want to rip that person’s head off of their body.

Especially at stores. I remember the very first time I ever went to a store and bought something with my own money. Doing that the first few times can be a little bit of a daunting experience and when you are buying something that might have the potential for embarrassing or it’s something extremely personal there’s no reason why anyone should make you feel uncomfortable.

Via AWM:

When a man’s daughter went to the Dollar General to buy pads, he couldn’t believe the way they were treated at the checkout. He took a video of his exchange with the employee and posted it on YouTube with the title “Angry Dad at the Dollar General,” explaining: “A Dollar General clerk embarrasses my 12 yr. old daughter while buying pads. I confront him.”

He added: “My daughters came home embarrassed and crying over this sorry excuse of a person.”

The video begins with the dad walking into the store to have a word with the employee, explaining that his wife and daughters were there buying pads and “you cracked a joke and embarrassed my wife and embarrassed my daughters.”

He then asks if the employee “thinks that’s okay.”

Finally, the employee speaks, saying, “I wasn’t trying to embarrass anybody.” The dad isn’t having it, explaining, “you cracked a joke about buying pads for 12 year old girls… they just started their period.”

The employee then explains that he “wasn’t making a joke about them,” noting that he had asked if they needed a bag and “when she said yes, I was like ‘what do the neighbors think?’”

The dad remains calm, while telling the employee he has “a track record” of the behavior, noting that “if you keep doing it, corporate’s going to get called and you aren’t going to have no f**kin job.”

He added that he’s “not cool with” the behavior, explaining that his daughters “are embarrassed, crying, my wife is embarrassed, and I’m not alright with it.” He advises him to keep his mouth shut at work and refrain from joking about customers, as he’s witnessed the employee doing in the store before.

The dad further explains that the guys’s job is to check people out and that’s it, there’s no need for any joking at the customers’ expense. Another customer is heard talking to the employee as well, advising him to say he’s sorry.

The father then moves on to speak with the manager, who of course is shocked by the employee’s behavior.

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