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This Baby’s First Steps Are Going Viral For All Of The Right Reasons….

 This Baby’s First Steps Are Going Viral For All Of The Right Reasons….

As a mom myself, capturing a child’s first steps on video is a parent’s luckiest moment, and it happened to Olivia’s mom one day in 2016.

Olivia was caught on tape having a huge belly laugh before toddling over to her mom for the very first time.

Olivia is one of six daughters in the Busby household in Texas. What’s more, is that five of them are quintuplets! Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker are all the same age and their older sister Blayke is four years older. Their parents, Adam and Danielle Busby run a popular blog called It’s A Buzz World , and the whole family stars on the TLC reality show, Outdaughtered.

I’ve enjoyed watchingOutDaughtered‘s quintuplets over time, and fans remember the show’s premiere in 2016, in which they were introduced to parents Danielle and Adam Busby as the pair dealt with bringing home five newborn babies from the hospital.

Back in 2016, one of the quintuplets, Olivia, made her first steps! Luckily, mom was recording the whole thing. Actually, she didn’t expect that Olivia will be making her first steps.

In the video, cutie Olivia was seen crawling on a soft, comfy-looking carpet (just the ideal landing spot for a fragile baby). She’s playing together with her four other lovely sisters.

It appeared to be just an ordinary day at home as the sisters were all having fun playing with their dolls and other toys.

The first steps usually take everyone, especially the parents by surprise. Her mom was in total shock when Olivia walked up towards her!

Nobody saw it coming, we bet that Olivia didn’t even know it herself. It seemed that Olivia’s first steps were not the only thing that captured our hearts!

Before little Olivia even started to launch her first steps on the world, she first unleashed the biggest and heartiest laugh.

The laugh was even accompanied by her angelic huge smile. I bet you’ll end up smiling from ear to ear too once you hear it.

Olivia’s laugh and her first steps definitely make a good combo to brighten up the day for anyone who gets to see the video.

“We were able to catch the cutest thing today. Olivia let out the jolliest belly laughs and then immediately took her first steps,” It’s A Buzz World wrote in the description of the video.

Watch Olivia’s cutest moments below:

Source: AWM

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