Things Have Gotten So Bad That Hillary Has BAILED ON HER OWN TOUR!

Throughout the history of live performing and audiences gathering to watch those live shows there have been performers that just did not show up or flaked out on an entire tour.

Guns N Roses singer Axl Rose was famous for this, often times showing up late if he showed up at all to some shows. The most famous incident of this was when during a joint show with Metallica in 1991 James Hetfield was the victim of a freak accident on stage that cut Metallica’s set short.

Instead of doing everything that he could to give the people in Canada the show that they were hoping for, he played three songs and walked offstage which prompted the crowd to lose their minds and Axl Rose was later charged with inciting a riot.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are learning now the pressures of touring when they don’t have an entire government backing them; forcing them to rely on their charm and ability to tell compelling stories. It’s not working well for them and the ticket prices are plunging to the levels that you are going to start seen them tucked inside the free paper outside the convenience store.

Via Daily Wire:

Hillary Clinton appears to have officially called time on her and Bill Clinton’s ill-fated “conversation tour,” hopping a flight to India for a wedding without any word of rescheduling a canceled appearance in Sugar Land, Texas.

Last week, the pair, who failed to draw any significant attention at either of two appearances in Canada, announced that they’d be “postponing” the Sugar Land appearance because of former President George H. W. Bush’s funeral, but promised a new tour date “soon.”

This weekend, though, Hillary Clinton was spotted getting her groove on at a high society wedding in Udaipur, India, according to The Hill, and is expected to be in India all week, celebrating.

“Clinton arrived to attend pre-wedding celebrations for Isha Ambani, daughter of Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani,” The Hill says. “The wedding ceremony is Wednesday in Mumbai.”

“Hillary received a warm welcome from the elated parents of the bride, Mukesh and Nita Ambani, and was seen quite excited to be joining the celebrations,” India Today’s gossip column reported. “Then came the biggest surprise of the night. Hillary danced – no, strike that – she danced to bhangra beats with John Kerry, former US Secretary Of State and the entire Ambani clan.”

“Hillary was dressed in Indian attire and was seen doing the bhangra with a lot of excitement,” India Today said excitedly.

Beyonce and John Legend will also be in attendance at the wedding, just in case you were wondering. Both are slated to perform at separate events leading up to the main ceremony on Wednesday.


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