They Were Stopped For Littering: Then Things Got Serious

A man witnessed men throwing food wrappers out of their van onto the street.  When he confronted them and insisted they pick their litter back up, they threatened the man with guns they claimed to have in their vehicle.  The witness flagged down a police car and suddenly a minor disagreement became a major event.  The police tried to calm the witness and the van’s occupants without success, then decides to search for guns they had claimed to have.

The two men in the van are Abdullah N. Alrifahe, 27,  and his brother Majid Alrifahe, 26.  During the search of the van, police found a hand grenade, handgun, assault rifles, magazines and an abundance of ammunition. And what was equally as suspicious were the cell phones, computers, and electronic equipment such as drone parts, that are used in bombmaking.  Police have concluded they are not terrorists.

Yeah, right.  Two Muslim men have an assortment of guns and bomb making equipment.  They are not terrorists.  I can understand that.  I carry bomb making ingredients in my car all the time.

 Despite this, it is reported that police do not believe there was a connection to a foreign terrorist organization, and nor do they think the two men, who are brothers, had terroristic attack intentions.

The brothers were both arrested following the search.

Local man Abdullah N. Alrifahe, 27, was charged with a gross misdemeanor for carrying a pistol in public without a permit. He was reportedly convicted of the same offense in December 2016. His brother, Majid Alrifahe, 26, was charged with four offenses — among them are assault and disorderly conduct.

Abdullah has a bail of $200,000 and remains in jail.

Both brothers are collecting money from the public dole.

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