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They Went To Do A Wellness Check On A Young Woman, What They Found When They Arrived Will Make You Sick…

 They Went To Do A Wellness Check On A Young Woman, What They Found When They Arrived Will Make You Sick…

Brooklyn, New York, apartment building neighbors are horrified when police claim they found dismembered human remains in two suitcases.

Authorities say the initial 911 call came over around 1:40 p.m. for an apartment located at 315 Linwood Street in Cypress Hills. The Police were called to the flat on the sixth floor when a security officer claimed that when he went to investigate allegations of a bad odor from neighbors, he discovered a grisly sight.

The victim was named as Dasia Johnson by The New York Post, citing information from relatives.

According to WABC-TV, the security officer was called to her apartment after other building tenants complained about the smell and claimed she hadn’t been seen in a few days. But the woman’s 23-year-old boyfriend who reportedly lived at her residence at times refused to let the guard inside the flat on the sixth floor on his first visit.

In order to contact the police, the guard returned downstairs. He claimed to have seen something being taken out of the flat by the woman’s boyfriend and another man. After the men left, the guard went into the apartment. He discovered two suitcases in a bloody bathroom and also found a meat cleaver.

Her remains were found in the suitcases, New York Police Department Chief of Detectives James Essig described the woman as being “chopped up” and believe that the woman was dismembered in the bathtub.

Her boyfriend is being sought after by police. The cause of death will be determined by a medical examiner, and police are actively looking into the situation.

“This neighborhood is not the best neighborhood to be honest with you, but this is outrageous. Absolutely outrageous,” neighbor Lindsey Vena said. “It makes me scared to even be around here. I’m just sick.”

The woman had an order of protection against her boyfriend, who had violated the order in the past by showing up at her apartment unannounced.

Friends of the woman said she was a sweet and kind person. Neighbors said that she had been in an abusive relationship and had heard fighting coming from the apartment.

My head hurts, my heart hurts, my eyes hurt from crying,” neighbor Stephanie Harris said, “Maybe five, six days ago I [saw] her. Before that, they [were] having problems real bad.

“For two years he [was] beating on her, broke her apartment down, broke her legs, broke her ribs. Her mom was complaining, ‘I want to get her away from this building. She’s gonna end up dead. Please get her away from this building.’ Nobody wants to listen,” she said.

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