• July 14, 2024

They Took This Sex Pest Off The Registry, What He Did Immediately After Will Make You See Red!

 They Took This Sex Pest Off The  Registry, What He Did Immediately After Will Make You See Red!

The bleeding heart leftists of the world are completely out of touch with reality and this latest story proves just that. Liberals are continually screaming at people saying that criminals can be reformed if they are just loved and given tools, but many in law enforcement can tell you that is not the case. Now, of course, there are those who have struggled with addiction or violent crime that can change and truly make a difference in helping others, but sex offenders are not the same breed.

Anyone who can harm anyone in such a manner does not change no matter how many times they sit down with a therapist and hug their inner child.

That is why so many sex offenders who are released after serving time typically re-offend not too long after entering society again.

That is exactly what occurred when authorities re-arrested a “reformed” child sex offender after he was busted for a variety of child sex abuse crimes that purportedly took place as late as 2020.

45-year-old Derrick Crooms was previously placed on a child sex abuse registry following similar convictions in 1996 but was able to persuade a judge to remove his name from the registry in 2017 after claiming he was reformed and led a good and decent life.

However, that “good and decent” life was just an act, and Crooms was apprehended in early October after federal marshalls in conjunction with the Newton and Oconee County Sheriff’s offices brought him in.

Crooms was charged with two counts each of incest, aggravated sexual battery, aggravated child molestation, and child molestation, plus one count of enticing a child for indecent purposes.

Thankfully, this disgusting waste of flesh is being held without bond, and why so many people advocate for the death penalty for sex offenders.

Here is more The Blaze:

“In December 2020, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Child Exploitation and Computer Crimes Unit received a request for assistance from the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation of numerous sex offenses against children by Crooms,” Marchant said in the news release. “The investigation revealed that these crimes allegedly occurred in Newton County, Georgia, as well as several different locations throughout the United States.”

One of Crooms’ previous victims — who was instrumental in helping capture him in 2020 — spoke out in response to the new charges, according to WAGA-TV.

Jeanie Fulcher, now 34, said, “He took my innocence when I was seven. I don’t know if you can ever really heal from that.”

Fulcher said that in 2017, Crooms was successfully able to petition a judge to remove his name from the sex offender list despite her begging and pleading otherwise.

“Their argument was that he was a changed man and he was a model citizen that didn’t get in trouble anymore, hasn’t committed crimes since,” she said.

She added, “I do think that our justice system has failed us. I believe that once you plead guilty to raping children, molestation charges, you shouldn’t get out of prison at all. You shouldn’t get a second chance.”

Crooms served just four years of his 20-year sentence before being released from prison in connection with the 1996 convictions.

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