They Said He Could Tell Biden ANYTHING He Wanted, His Words Cut Like A Knife…. [VIDEO]

The American people are fed up with the lousy policies of the Biden administration, and more people are speaking out about it.

We are all frustrated over the soaring gas prices, inflation through the roof, and every failed policy that Joe Biden has attempted to implement.

Nothing is better than when we had Donald Trump in the White House.

Things are only getting worse since Biden was installed, and according to experts, it will only worsen.

Experts claim that the “average” gas price in America will be $6.00 per gallon by August.

That’s the AVERAGE.

My God, how on earth will people be able to make it?

That’s the very question James Woods is asking.

Woods wants to know how Americans will make it like this for another 3 years?

You can watch the video below.

Yes, a lot of us are wondering the same thing, James.

Including this guy who was stopped on the streets and asked, “If Joe Biden were here right now, what would you tell him?”

And his response is brutal… And let’s just say it’s not “safe” for work or small kids.


This kid is right, and, as I said, he speaks for most of us.

I think we’d all say the same thing or a lot worse if we had the chance to speak to Bumbling Joe.


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