They Just Revealed Something Horrific About The Mesa Voting Machines!

Over the last several days, Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium has been happening and since it began earlier this week there has been bombshell after bombshell’s dropped for all the world to see.

Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson who has been covering Lindell’s Cyber symposium extensively reported that experts have revealed one thing that the Democrats have been trying to cover up for months now.

Which is in fact, that the voting machines used in Mesa County’s elections were in fact connected to the internet.

Now, the evidence that the experts used were images from a server of a voting machine that was leaked on a blog last month.

A deeper look into the images also revealed that logs were wiped from the server and MS SQL files were completely taken off too.

Mesa County’s clerk Tina Peters is being blamed for helping leak the video but at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium she has declared that she had no part in the leak and is being framed.

Check this out:

The Gateway Pundit covered the breaking story:

Secretary of State Griswold said the video released last week was from May 25th when the county was updating its election systems. Griswold accused the Mesa County Clerk’s office of leaking the Dominion passwords.

The Channel7 report is very revealing. Secretary of State Griswold, who is pushing open-fraudulent elections in the state, was interviewed by 7News and alleged the Dominion machine passwords were leaked by the County Clerk’s office and posted online. Last night during the symposium Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters told the audience her office NEVER had the Dominion machine passwords.

Obviously, there is much more to be revealed.

The Gateway Pundit was mentioned by News Channel7 in their report. Dominion’s Legal Counsel Stephen Shackelford was interviewed. According to Channel7 Dominion says “it doesn’t allow remote access.”

Of course, Dominion is claiming that there is no way that their machines could be connected to the internet during the election.

The Dominion people have repeatedly said they “don’t allow remote access on their machines”. However, this Denver 7 report that is just below us, shows that the voting machine could be connected to the internet.

You can see clearly at the 21-second mark that the leaked video shows it connected to WLAN.

Here’s the Denver 7 News report, which is currently reporting the story as a conspiracy rather than factual evidence:

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