They Got FIRED For Not Getting Vaxxed, What Happened Next Is SICK!

There are a lot of times in my younger years, that when I heard something happening in another part of the world that was just horrible, I’d think to myself, “that couldn’t happen here”.

However, over the last 18 months, that thought process has been erased completely.

Seeing the rise of tyranny all over the world in places such as Australia and Italy has astonished me and so many others since we are seeing it on U.S. soil too.

Just recently, we have seen the uprising in Australia as the people are attempting to push back against the draconian mandates imposed on them. Now, the Italian government is enacting one of the harshest COVID-19 Passport Regimes by ORDERING public and private companies to not pay unvaccinated workers.

In addition to zero salaries, the government wants to fine anyone working without a COVID-19 Green Pass, and zero exceptions are made for workers with natural immunity.

There are people who have stated that could NOT happen here but it already has!
In New York state, the New York Department of Labor has reported that healthcare workers who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine and are fired for failing to comply with new state law will not be able to collect unemployment benefits unless they present a doctor-approved request for medical accommodation.
Isn’t that unbelievable?!
I just cannot wrap my head around this at all since it logically DOES NOT make any sense.
These people have been working on the frontlines since the beginning and survived and most likely have the STRONGEST of immune systems but they need the vaccine?
Oh, and if they don’t want it for WHATEVER reason they are fired and on top of it DENIED unemployment.
HOWEVER, those who are milking the system and not getting work are still sitting on it instead of getting a job.
Seriously, these are the times that I truly wish a meteor would hit the planet and just take out all the stupid.
Yahoo News report:

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has said she is prepared to call in medically trained National Guard members and workers outside New York to aid with a potential shortage of healthcare workers once the mandate takes effect and some people are no longer eligible to come to work.

As of Wednesday, 84% of healthcare workers in New York were fully vaccinated against coronavirus. As of Thursday, 81% of staff at all adult care facilities and 77% of all staff at nursing home facilities in New York State were fully vaccinated.

The mandate comes at a time where many US hospitals are experiencing staffing shortages. With an influx of patients because of the Delta variant and fewer nurses due to burnout and difficult working conditions, many healthcare facilities are understaffed. However, a nursing shortage has been looming for years, only accelerated by the pandemic as fear of contracting COVID-19 worsened working conditions.

Hochul can declare a state of emergency to allow health care professionals licensed in other states or countries, recent graduates, retired, and formerly practicing health care professionals to practice in New York.

“I am monitoring the staffing situation closely, and we have a plan to increase our health care workforce and help alleviate the burdens on our hospitals and other health care facilities,” Hochul said in a statement. “I commend all of the health care workers who have stepped up to get themselves vaccinated, and I urge all remaining health care workers who are unvaccinated to do so now so they can continue providing care.”

I don’t even know what to say anymore and I am getting whiplash from all the head shaking.
I truly hope that there are enough people that can help put an end to this madness since if that doesn’t happen this nation will be lost for good.
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Sassy Liberty

Sassy Liberty is a political writer for the better part of a decade. She has been vocal for years on social media concerning the communist agenda that has infiltrated our country. She is an advocate for medical freedom, homeschooling, and defunding the woke culture. Do you want to stop the war on kids and defund the commie agenda?

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