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They Caught Her Shoplifting, What She Said To The Store Security Is Absolutely…

 They Caught Her Shoplifting, What She Said To The Store Security Is Absolutely…

A woman who admitted she attempted to shoplift fabric softener from a New York City Duane Reade claims she was “manhandled” by a security guard after she forked over the product and tried to exit the store, according to a report.

Following the alleged incident on Wednesday, the woman, who calls herself “Jackie,” spoke to the Daily Mail in front of the store near 4th Avenue and East 14th Street in Manhattan.

“Like, my whole thing is, is that they put hands on you when they’re not allowed to touch you. They’re not allowed to physically touch you,” Jackie said, per the video of her interview.

Jackie was recently interviewed by a media outlet in New York to tell her story about the time she was caught stealing from Duane Reade. She explained that the guard took her into a back room and lectured her on why stealing is wrong.

The guard “manhandled” her and dragged her into the backroom of the Duane Reade store on 14th Street in Manhattan’s Union Square, according to Jackie. She also stated that she was banned from all Duane Reade stores across New York state after receiving a notification in the back room of the store.

In the midst of a discussion about fabric softener, Jackie mentioned that she was attempting to steal it to wash her clothes. However, the security guard was too quick for her and prevented her from entering. According to Jackie, she gave up the item and was then dragged back into the shop, where she was placed in a storage room while being questioned about the incident of shoplifting.

“He put his hands on me and pulled me back into the store and told me I had to go back in,” Jackie stated. “They’re not allowed to touch you. They manhandled me. They dragged me into the store. They actually cut my purse off of me with a box cutter.”

Now, Jackie has hosted an interview with one of New York’s media outlets, explaining that the Duane Reade security guard took her into a back room where she received a lecture about stealing products from the store. Reade pharmacy is located on 14th Street in Manhattan’s Union Square.

Meanwhile, shoplifting has increased rapidly in New York City. Duane Reade’s competitor, CVS Pharmacy, claims that incidents of shoplifting have increased by a whopping 300 percent since the start of the pandemic under then-President Donald Trump. In addition, Rite Aid closed down a store in Midtown Manhattan after more than $200,000 worth of goods were stolen from the location.

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: AWM, DailyMail

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