• July 23, 2024

These Women Fat Shame Stranger In McDonald’s Line, Then He Gets Ultimate Revenge [VIDEO]

 These Women Fat Shame Stranger In McDonald’s Line, Then He Gets Ultimate Revenge [VIDEO]

A new viral video has people questioning its authenticity. The video features two women in line at a McDonald’s as they ruthlessly fat-sham the man in line in front of them. Critics have accused the video of being staged, but we will let you decide for yourself.

The video starts with the two women having a conversation among themselves about the men in front of them, and then it gets louder and much more involved.

“Should they really even be in here? It’s disgusting,” says one of the women loudly as she looks at the man in front of her with disgust. And then, as if that isn’t rude enough, the other woman flat out asks the man if he should be in the fast food restaurant.

“Should you even be in here? Why don’t you leave now and do yourself a favor?” the two women say as they bully him in front of the rest of the restaurant patrons. Before the man can even respond, the women continued harassing him.

“Why don’t you just leave now you are so fat already. You don’t need any more food. You should stop eating.”

The confrontation is completely one-sided as the woman is causing a major scene in the restaurant and now all the customers in line are tuned into her angry rant against the man. Then, the man in front of the guy getting harassed starts to defend the obese guy.

“What’s your problem,” says the man in front of him, clearly aggravated by the women.

“I’m just trying to help him. He’s fat and our government has to pay for it.” the women says as she goes on to rant about how the obese man is costing the NHS a lot of money because of how fat he is.

By the time the woman is completely screaming at the man, another man walks up and defends him, saying that he too has a belly and he proceeds to lift his shirt to show the women his gut.

“How dare you disrespect us,” said the man just moments before he pours his soda over the louder woman’s head. By this point in the scene, a McDonald’s employee has come over to break things up but she is evidently a little too late.

The woman is drenched from the soda and completely taken aback as if she didn’t have it coming to her. Meanwhile, everyone else in line is applauding the man and shaking hands with him as the woman yells at the staff telling them that people who are that fat should not be in McDonald’s. The employee goes on to tell the woman that it’s not her concern.

Those commenting had mixed views regarding the video and some were convinced it was staged…

“This is so fake. they have microphones …”

“Everything about this smells staged.”

And others felt that the incident really did happen…

“If those two wenches tried that here in the U.S they both would’ve needed medical attention for scraped & bruises. Props to the brotha that dumped his drink on her mouthy ass.”

Source: awm.com

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