These Four Thugs Trafficked a 14-Year-Old Girl, If You Think It Couldn’t Get Worse, IT DOES

Four people have been arrested as suspects in a sex trafficking case involving a fourteen year old girl.  They are 23-year-old Shawn Jackson, 23-year-old Reggie Jamal Fields, 18-year-old Shaikey Copper and 21-year-old Fantasia Gale.  The girl ran away from home and contacted Copper, who she thought was a friend.  He said he had work for her and she went over to his house, where he sexually assaulted her and then took her to Field’s home where they advertised for sex with the girl, who said she was with more than a dozen men that she met in various locations.  She was driven to her appointments.

She was held for two days before she was able to escape and go to a hospital.  After she spoke to police the four suspects were arrested.  A fifth person, 24-year-old Angelo Romero for his part in the crime.  There is some disagreement on how she escaped with one source saying she snuck out of the house and went to a local bodega.  The other story was she told her captor that she was going to buy him or her something.  A man at the bodega gave her a bus token and she went to the hospital.

 After the victim escaped, the four suspects who were arrested were charged with criminal conspiracy, trafficking an individual, involuntary servitude, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment and corruption of a minor, while Jackson was additionally charged with rape, sexual assault and simple assault, notes Philly Voice.

Copper, Fields and Gale “were very much aware that this was a child,” Gordon said, according to WPVI.

Copper also faces a sexual assault charges, while Fields was charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and indecent exposure and Gale faces a count related to making terroristic threats, reports Philly Voice.

Sources: WPVI via WLS-TV, Philly Voice, International Business Times


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