• July 22, 2024

New Information Could Put Trump RIGHT BACK In The White House!

 New Information Could Put Trump RIGHT BACK In The White House!

Since the election of the last year, the American people have been in shock at what occurred in front of our very eyes. Then to make matters worse, these reprobates continually gaslight those who even speak about it and call them crazy for even broaching the topic.

If that is not sick and twisted, I do not what is.

However, there are still many good people out there determined to get to the bottom of what happened that night and share it with the world. One of those people who are brave enough to push back against the narrative that Sleepy Joe Biden somehow won over 80 million votes is the former Overstock.com CEO, Patrick Byrne who revealed some stunning news.

Here is more:

Byrne has been leading a cyber investigative team, along with other well-known patriots, to combat the coup that was perpetrated on America during last year’s general election, where the illegitimate Biden administration was installed in The White House.

Byrne revealed that within a few weeks, two months at the outset, America, and the world for that matter, will know the truth of what happened during the massive election fraud on Nov 3rd, 2020.

“We have irrefutable proof. It is shocking what happened, and who was involved. The information will all come out, over the next few weeks.

“No one will be able to say this is not true.”

When asked if the comments by Mike Lindell were valid, that President Trump will be back in the office by August, Byrne said, “Well, that’s Lindell being Lindell. However, this information is so earth-shattering, that yes, it is possible Trump could be back in The White House by the Fall.

“We will reveal the truth. The remedy is up to the American people.”

I am not hanging my hat on this but it would be nice, to say the least for the election fraud to be shown to everyone. Since the steal, we have heard how they will show us the fraud and we are still waiting on this massive evidence. Hopefully, and I say this with great trepidation, that we will see the truth of fraud and justice will occur.

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