The Squad and Other Libs DEMAND UN to Investigate ICE Detention Facilities

According to Fox News, members of the Squad and other progressive lawmakers joined forces in penning a letter to the United Nations — specifically to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet — begging her to investigate various abuse allegations made against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with regard to immigrant conditions on the U.S. border.

The Squad is comprised of radical leftist Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-CortezRashida TlaibIlhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley.

The letter reportedly contains numerous complaints, stemming from nonprofit agencies and various news reports that accuse DHS agents of abusing immigrants at the detention centers on the border, including accusations of forcibly sterilizing female detainees along with reports of sexual and physical abuse.

“This pattern of behavior is perpetuated and encouraged by the consistent and unforgivable failure of the United States government and its institutions to take these allegations seriously by investigating them in a transparent, thorough, and impartial manner,” the letter said, while adding that the DHS is responsible for a “clear pattern of alleged human rights violations.”

While the immigration crisis has been somewhat pushed to the side over the course of 2020 while other news stories dominated the headlines, the subject was brought up on Thursday night during the presidential debate, in which President Donald Trump slammed former Vice President Joe Biden for the cages that were built during the Obama administration to house children.

Government officials who manage and oversee conditions on the border have repeatedly defended treatment of migrants in the past, even offering tours of the facilities to show that they’re clean, maintained to proper standards and offer luxuries that detention facilities in other countries don’t even come close to.

As far as the wild accusation of “forcibly sterilizing” female migrants? That was addressed by an ICE medical director, who said “The accusations will be fully investigated by an independent office, however, ICE vehemently disputes the implication that detainees are used for experimental medical procedures.”

I’m only guessing at this point, but I’m quite sure that the Trump administration is not going to offer the United Nations — if they even take the letter seriously — free and open access to investigate government facilities on the Southern U.S. border.




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