• July 23, 2024

The Reason Why An Airline Wanted To Kick A Special Needs Child Off A Flight Will Make You Sick!

 The Reason Why An Airline Wanted To Kick A Special Needs Child Off A Flight Will Make You Sick!

A family that included a toddler, a pregnant woman, and a special needs child were temporarily booted off of a Spirit Airlines flight simply because of alleged mask violations, sparking outrage on social media. The whole issue stemmed from one flight attendant who was continually complaining that the couple’s two-year-old child was not wearing a mask. Seriously folks, when is this COVID-19 hysteria going to stop?

Of course, the airline did some damage control, saying that the situation really didn’t have anything to do with the toddler, but it was more with keeping in compliance with the federal mask mandate.

The initial footage on social media shows a flight attendant approaching the couple and telling them that they need to “pick up their stuff” and “get off the plane” due to not being in compliance with the masks.

Of course, the couple did protest, saying that they were indeed wearing their masks, but then the flight attendant pointed to their toddler who was eating with a spoon, and the attendant said, “She isn’t wearing a mask.”

Indeed, the situation got so difficult that other passengers felt the need to step in and defend the family, asserting to the flight attendant that there were other children on the flight that wasn’t wearing masks either. However, it didn’t matter if the mom and dad had been in compliance, the flight attendant then claimed that she was going to call law enforcement on the family.

There was a follow-u[ video where the father expressed his extreme disapproval over the situation, and he claimed that the flight attendants might have even planned the confrontation ahead of time. He said that it appeared that the “whole entire plane was OK with this mess” but thankfully, there was “one African American who wasn’t okay with this situation” and he also said that his wife was pregnant and that it was upsetting her and her special needs son as well.

The good news is that the father said in a later video that there had been “a happy ending” and they had ultimately been allowed to reboard the flight. “I’m pretty sure they ended up removing the flight attendant that wanted to kick us off for no good reason.”

The Daily Mail corroborated this account, saying that the male flight attendant who purportedly caused the issue was indeed kicked off the plane. However, Spirit Airlines continues to do damage control, saying there is a lot of half-truths regarding the situation.

First of all, Spirit Airlines claimed that their flight was delayed based on the ADULTS, and not a young child. Moreover, they claimed that they never removed a flight attendant either. However, there are many reasons to find their side of the story somewhat doubtful, especially when you consider that Spirit Airlines has previously removed autistic children from flights for violating the mask requirement.

Who do you believe? What do you think about this story? As always, your comments are appreciated!

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