He’s Called The “Persian Hercules” and He Wants to Fight to ISIS

 He’s Called The “Persian Hercules” and He Wants to Fight to ISIS

Weighing in at some 350 pounds, an Iranian bodybuilder named Sajad Gharibi, also known as the “Persian Hercules” and the “Hulk of Iran,” has announced his desire to travel to Syria to beat up ISIS, the BBC reported Friday.

Gharibi, a 24-year-old power lifter with a large social media following, said that he wanted to defend Shia Muslim shrines from ISIS attackers.


Despite his expressed hatred of ISIS, the Telegraph writes, Gharibi has had to deny rumors that he is a notorious ISIS executioner who has a similar distinctive body shape.


Jamie Foxx, the Oscar-winning actor, commented: “The guy doesn’t even need CGI… #RealLifeHulk” – remarks which seemed to delight Mr Gharibi, who reposted them to his fans.


His posts, mainly in Persian, detail how he wants to volunteer with Iranian forces battling Isil, and guard Shia mosques being destroyed by the Sunni terrorists, according to remarks translated by the BBC.



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