The Number Of People Who Think Biden Is Fake Is…

Joe Biden just keeps on crashing the bottom rock of his presidency.

A new poll conducted by UMass Amherst just confirmed how illegitimate  Joe Biden is for being the President of the United States.

Despite the non-stop propaganda and support of the mainstream media towards Joe Biden’s presidency, it’s just too difficult to deny the poll that has been climbing from 42% to 71% of Americans who believe that Joe Biden is illegitimate to be elected as President of the United States.

And because of that, more and more Americans are losing interest in the January 6 incident that turns out to be a myth as to more shreds of evidence proving that the riot was propaganda against former president Donald Trump.

Given that the mainstream media and the Democrats have been claiming that January 6 was the equivalent of Pearl Harbor and 9/11, the results are extremely underwhelming.

Only 46% of respondents indicated any support for the ongoing investigation and only 50% were willing to describe participants as “rioters.”

Well, if you compare the riot to 9/11, the leap is just far from reality.

911 has many casualties yet the Jan 6 incident has more casualties towards the alleged rioters. RIP Ashley Babbit.

Since when taking a selfie is a threat to security personnel?

The left’s claims about the Capitol incident are more traumatic compared to any comparison we named.

Then they call that Trump has been brainwashing people who think the January 6 incident was a plot but these results just don’t lie.

Numbers don’t like, except for your 81 million votes, Joe.

For the record, you have more casualties from your failures compared to your real voters.

Source: RightWingNewsHour


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