• July 18, 2024

The Mockingbird Media Is Still Keeping You In The Dark About This!

 The Mockingbird Media Is Still Keeping You In The Dark About This!

The mainstream media isn’t to be trusted since the majority of all networks, including Fox News has been infiltrated by the Marxists that just want to feed us their narrative.

Now, I am well aware there are those who are not lock in step with these evildoers, but for the majority, they all are just another tentacle in their overreaching arm.

Instead of these so-called reporters have not at all done their due diligence in reporting what is going with the experimental jab and how many people are dying from it.

Instead, they continue to push more Americans to take this dangerous vaccine and then have the audacity to call people who do not receive it uncaring.

This video below goes into just how corrupt these individuals are how each of them that do this should be held criminally accountable.

Since they are the ones that are pushing this onto the population with their flashy ads and slick marketing, they should hold some responsibility for the lives that are being ruined.

They should no longer be able to hide behind a shield of the free press when they are not reporting but simply rehashing a narrative they have been told to push.

If anyone of them was truly interested in being a reporter they would be informing the public of the dangers and not being just another brick in the wall.


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