The media has been warned not to say anything bad about Kamala, and they’re ALL IN

This morning media reporter Joe Concha was on Fox News to discuss yesterday’s incredibly fawning media coverage of Kamala Harris as Biden’s VP choice:

The media rolled out the red carpet for Kamala yesterday as if she were royalty, talking about the ‘historic’ nature of her pick and how much of a ‘pragmatic moderate’ she is:

Joe Concha responded to all of this fawning media coverage saying that this shows just “how much the scales are tipped in this election.” When asked if she’s really a ‘pragmatic moderate’, here’s how Concha responded:

While The New York Times labeled Harris a “pragmatic moderate” in its tweet alerting Biden’s choice, Concha pointed out that the government watchdog labels her as the “most liberal Senator” — further to the left than Sen. Bernie Sanders, Concha said, because she has “no bipartisan legislative achievements to her name in all of her time in the Senate.”

“She also backs the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, health care for undocumented immigrants, so this is not somebody that you can call a ‘pragmatic moderate,’ you can’t even call her a moderate in these situations,” Concha told host Todd Piro, adding, “She represents California, not exactly a place swimming with pragmatic moderates.”




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