The Grisly Dinner Chinese Zoo Fed Their Tigers [VIDEO]

I realize that it takes a lot of food to feed the animals in zoo and I fully expect that they may even cut up one of their other animals to do it. But what you see in the video is just plain inhumane. It would be a crime in the United States. When it came time to feed the lions, a couple of zookeepera pushed a live donkey into the tiger pen, where it was ripped to shreds.

After landing hopelessly in the water, the donkey is soon attacked by two nearby tigers.

The ferocious predators – believed to be kept at Changzhou zoo in eastern China – work together to deprive their prey of any hope of escape.

One of the beasts hops onto the donkey’s back while it is in the water and snaps at its head and neck as another stays on dry land and repeatedly paws at its face.

Despite putting up a valiant attempt at defence, the donkey is savagely dragged by its neck when it attempts to swim away from the tigers.

It is then double-teamed by two of the tigers, both of which bite its head as it frantically splashes around in the muddy water.

With the prey obviously killed, the camera cuts to four of the lions relaxing before showing the bloodied donkey being hauled onto land for consumption.
According to the video, the tigers killed the donkey in just half an hour.

H/T The Mail Online

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