• April 15, 2024

The CDC Director Just Exposed Something Very Telling About The Vaccine!

 The CDC Director Just Exposed Something Very Telling About The Vaccine!

Over the last year, the CDC has been coming out with more and more guidance on how to combat COVID and now the Delta variant that is lurking in the bushes.

Now, they are able to say whatever the heck they want to about the virus and they can give out recommendations but they do not have any authority on how I or my family will proceed with protecting ourselves.

They have continually shifted their stance and seem to have no idea what they are doing but everyone is supposed to just trust them since they have a couple of letters before or after their name.

Then everyone wants us to give them our undying allegiance to them without question, without skepticism, and hand over our bodily autonomy to them.

Nope, that isn’t going to happen.

For example, how many doses do we all need of this vaccine to be “safe”?

Is it 2 or is it 5?

Are masks even effective?

Should our children be wearing masks all day at school?

What sorts of side effects could our children see in the long run?

What age is too young to receive the shot?

Is it one size fits all?

Should everyone receive it? How does the shot work? What is in it? Do we know what the long-term side effects are?

Do you see? There are tons of questions and no one seems to know the answer except to retort back that anyone who questions is a “grandma killer” or yells back to “just trust the science already”.

The CDC is filled with people who are fallible and are able to make mistakes no matter how many years they have studied something.

People who dabble in theory rather than real-life consequences are never to be trusted.

People make mistakes all the time since we are fallible creatures, incapable of perfection which is why we should treat this government entity with the same amount of skepticism as gas station sushi.

That being said, CDC Director Walensky is now admitting that these Covid shots are less effective against the Delta variant, and you want to know something?

It’s going to be ineffective against the Theta variant, The Gamma variant, The Zeta variant, and every other variant they are going to try to scare us about.

Take a look:

The newest CDC findings were reported by The Epoch Times:

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said that three new COVID-19 studies show that the efficacy of the vaccines has dropped among individuals who received their shots early on in the pandemic.

Citing three studies that were released by the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, Walensky said on Aug. 18 that the vaccines’ efficacy decreases over time in preventing infection. Although protection against death and hospitalization is “holding up well,” the COVID-19 vaccines’ effectiveness is “waning” in even preventing severe illness or death, she said.

“Even though our vaccines are currently working well to prevent hospitalizations, we are seeing concerning evidence of waning vaccine effectiveness over time and against the Delta variant,” Walensky said during a news conference in explaining why federal officials are now recommending that booster shots be given to Americans eight months after they’ve been vaccinated with the Pfizer or Moderna shots.

Web MD also confirmed:

In addition to the Mayo Clinic study, 3 out of 4 other recent studies evaluating mRNA COVID-19 vaccine protection against the Delta variant revealed a drop-off in effectiveness.

The relatively low 40% effectiveness reported by Israeli officials, for example, “was met with disbelief,” Eric Topol, MD, pointed out on Twitter Aug. 12. Topol is director of Scripps Translational Science Institute in La Jolla, CA, and editor-in-chief of Medscape.

Similar to the Mayo Clinic report, these other researchers have verified the high protection these vaccines provide versus severe outcomes, hospitalization, and death.

These new data are not the same as those released by Pfizer showing overall vaccine effectiveness drops from 96% to 84% after 6 months.

“This reduction of protection is quite different from the 6-month follow up of the Pfizer and Moderna pivotal trials which showed modest decline, but were against the original strain, not Delta,” Topol tweeted.

So what do you think?


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