America’s 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods, One Of Them May Surprise You [AUDIO]

Many of the cities on this list will not surprise you in the least but one of them might just throw you for a loop. There are multiple ways to break down the numbers to give an accurate countdown and here they are.

You may recognize some of the locations on this list.

Detroit, Michigan — W. Warren Ave / Mckinley St
Tulsa, OK — E Mowawk Blvd / N Cincinnati Ave
East St. Louis, IL — City Center
Baltimore, MD — Druid Hill Ave / Laurens St.
Memphis, TN — E. Eh Crump Blvd / S 4th St
Camden, NJ — Ferry Ave / S 8th St
Memphis, TN — E Mclemore Ave / Latham St
Pittsburgh, PA — Chicago St / Mount Pleasant Rd
Houston, TX — Scott St / Wilmington St
Baltimore, MD — W Mulberry St / N Fremont Ave

Here’s a public service message for some of those neighborhoods:

Another list, by Forbes counts the stats city by city. Detroit holds the dubious #1. St. Louis #2. Oakland #3 and so on…

No comment yet from Chicago on how they plan to ‘up their game’ and challenge Detroit for that top spot.

Neighborhood Scout broke down the numbers by neighborhood with a helpful little chart — Neighborhood, violent crime rate (per 1,000), and ‘my chances of becoming a victim her in one year’.

Of course, as bad as these are, even the most miserable cities in America are better than the alternatives.

Bernie Sanders’ Socialist paradise?
Venezuelan judge murdered as street violence spirals amid political unrest

Ok, maybe not. What about our good neighbors to the south? The left is always praising them.

CRIME IN MEXICO: MURDER RATE REACHES RECORD HIGH AND NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT. Whoa … looks like they’ve got some ‘bad hombres’. We should be careful about who we are letting in from that place, doncha think?

But even if your neighborhood sucks, you can make a difference … maybe a bigger one than you think! Hit play and get started!

Ironic how every city on the list is progressive and run by liberals. Of course, they will claim that leftist policies are better for America but the writing is on the wall. If you live in any of these cities it is up to you to vote out these leaders that are destroying your homes. The time is now to stand up and fight for your families and it starts at the ballot box.

Source: Clash Daily

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