Texas Was Targeted With Insane Snow Storm [MUST SEE VIDEO]

 Texas Was Targeted With Insane Snow Storm [MUST SEE VIDEO]

This is so crazy that it actually may be true and if you are in Texas we need your input.

There are videos circulating with people taking snow and then attempting to light it on fire, but much to their shock the snow does NOT melt at all. That in itself is strange so many have then analyzed the snow and they found that it was saturated with tons of heavy metals.

For years, we have heard about geoengineering and people spraying the skies with heavy metals that then find their way into our water supply and food.

If you do not believe me on that just check out the extensive list of patents concerning weather modification our government has right HERE.

With all that being said, this video completely piqued my interest and it should for you too. We all knew that war would come to our nations, but many suspected it would be with guns. No one thought that they would use what is meant to nourish us as a weapon at all.

Watch more here.




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