• July 14, 2024

Boy Scouts Volunteer Arrested, Charged For Sexual Performance With 14-Year-Old Boy

 Boy Scouts Volunteer Arrested, Charged For Sexual Performance With 14-Year-Old Boy


Keith Fenstermacher, a Boy Scouts of America volunteer has been arrested after he allegedly exchanged sexually explicit photos and videos with a boy younger than 14 years of age. The 41-year-old resident of Murphy, Texas, has been charged with sexual performance by a child, a second-degree felony.

When CBS11 reporters visited Fenstermacher’s home no one answered the door but a neighbor who requested that she not be identified said the arrest of the father of two, stunned her.

“I would hope there was some type of misunderstanding. That’s a very unfortunate situation for a young kid,” the neighbor said.

According to Investigators, the two sent the pictures and videos on Skype, saying “…Keith asked him to do this probably ten or 11 times, but the victim stated he actually only did it about six times as he was uncomfortable with it. The victim stated that Keith would also send pictures and videos.. about 30 to 40 total…”

“Investigator say the boy’s parents found inappropriate messages between their son and the suspect on Skype and contacted police in New Jersey. Police there in turn contacted the Collin County Sheriff’s Department.

A statement from the Circle Ten Council, Boy Scouts of America said:

“The behavior included in these allegations is unacceptable and goes against everything for which the Boy Scouts of America stands. While these allegations appear unrelated to Scouting, we took immediate action to remove this individual and preclude him from any further participation in the Scouting program.”

The Boy Scouts said Fenstermacher had no direct contact with youngsters in his role but according to Fenstermacher’s neighbor, she claims to have seen him host Boy Scouts activities. “There’s boys over there on an on-going basis,” the neighbor said.

Investigators said Fenstermacher first contacted the victim from Freehold Township, New Jersey, while playing the online game, Minecraft.

Experts urge parents to turn off the chat function in these types of games.

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