Terrifying Moment Legoland Acrobat Plunges From Swing In Front Of Stunned Visitors [RAW VIDEO]

There seems to be an uptick in major injuries taking place at theme parks and carnivals lately. Are safety standards being disregarded for the sake of entertainment? An investigation into an incident at Legoland will decide just that.

According to DailyMail:

An investigation has been launched at Legoland after an acrobat suffered serious injuries during a stunt show that left another performer with a ‘broken neck’. The gymnast was taking part in the Pirates of Skeleton Bay performance at the Berkshire theme park when he suffered ‘horrific’ injuries, yesterday afternoon.

Shocked visitors could only look on in horror as the man crashed onto the ground after leaping off a Russian Swing.

Legoland Windsor confirmed that the performer had been taken to the hospital and that the act would be suspended while an investigation was launched. Audience footage, obtained by the Sun, shows the man rocking on the swing but then seemingly hitting a metal pole as he leaps up into the air.

He then crashes to the ground as his concerned colleagues rush over and cover up his stricken body with a flag. A murmur can be heard from the audience as an announcement is made ending the performance.

South Central Ambulance said medics had been called to the scene at around 1.20pm to treat a man in his twenties who had sustained ‘chest injuries’, which were not thought to be ‘life threatening’.

News of the man’s injuries have been met with fury on social media, with claims that it was the second time an actor had been injured during the pirates show in recent years. Lewis Young said his brother ‘broke his neck’ while performing at Legoland Windsor six years ago.

He fumed: ‘SGA Productions and Legoland you’ve done it again. Another poor lads life is probably ruined because of your incompetence.

‘I bet my house on it that the poor boy who f***** themselves up today had a minuscule amount of training on that Russian Swing!

‘That show shouldn’t be having life changing injuries as frequently as it has in the past 6 years!’

He added: ‘I don’t want to speculate, but Russian swing is no joke and it needs to be trained properly.

‘Maybe he was trained but 2 major accidents in 6 years speaks volumes.’

Legoland refused to comment on the allegations.

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