Ten Of the Most Haunted Places on Earth [VIDEO]

You can argue whether there is such a thing as a haunting if you wish but one thing you can’t deny that as human beings we find these stories fascinating.  There are a number of weekly televisions shows dedicated to the exploration of spooky places.

Here are the descriptions of some of the places you will see on the video:


According to Eastern State Penitentiary’s website, the Philadelphia prison opened its doors in 1829 with one goal in mind: to make its prisoners truly regret their actions as criminals. An NPR article about the penitentiary reports torturous methods such as forced ice baths, isolation, and other more extreme forms of torture.

Guards and visitors alike have reported hearing voices and seeing silhouettes within prison walls and cell blocks.

Château de Brissac, France

This noble residence is said to have been built in the 11th century and occupied by royals and noblemen alike. One noble inhabitant, Charlotte de Brézé, was reportedly murdered in the castle by her husband because she was caught red-handed with her lover.

The ghostly presence that is now said to haunt the French castle is known simply as “The Green Lady.”

Waverly Hills Sanitorium, Kentucky

Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville, Kentucky, originally opened as a one-room schoolhouse before it was expanded and converted into a tuberculosis treatment hospital in the early 1900s. The community was completely self-contained, and it was said that once a patient arrived at the hospital they were never permitted to leave because of the highly contagious disease.

Rumored hauntings of the dilapidated hospital include the ghosts of nurses who committed suicide there and strange baking smells coming from what was once the kitchen.

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