Teens Arrested For Spitting and Stomping on Policeman’s Grave

Four teens have been arrested after surveillance videos show them stomping on the grave of an assassinated police officer and one of them who spit on his grave.  Nicholas Smarr had been murdered while answering a domestic disturbance complaint.  One day when his mother visited his grave site, she noticed footprints all over her son’s grave and she felt it was intentional.  She complained to the police who checked the videos and spotted the four teens at his grave.

 After a family member set up a camera in the cemetery, it produced photos of four people at Smarr’s grave after midnight last Wednesday, the paper said.

The images allegedly show Kaheem D. Chambers, 17, standing, spitting and walking on Smarr’s grave, WALB-TV reported.

Chambers was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing, Maj. Herman Lamar with the Americus Police Department told the station. Chambers was booked into jail, Scott told the Telegraph.

“I think my son had arrested him before,” Smarr told the Telegraph. “It’s just very disrespectful, and he probably did it because he just got out of jail and he was mad at the police.”

Three 16-year-old girls with Chambers also were arrested for their roles in the incident. Two, who had prior records, were charged with obstruction of a police officer and curfew violation and sent to a youth detention center, the paper said, adding that the third girl was charged with curfew violation and released to her parents.

“They were all known to officers,” Scott told the Telegraph regarding the suspect. “I just can’t fathom why you would think that would be OK on anybody’s grave.”

The paper said Facebook commenters tried to interject race into the arrests, but Janice Smarr said that wasn’t the issue at all.

“We didn’t care if they were white, black or Mexican,” she said. “We didn’t want anyone messing with his grave.

“He already died for the city,” she added to the Telegraph. “He needs to lie in peace.”

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