Teenager Shot By Officers While He Was Saving A Dog From An Attack [VIDEO]

17-year-old Armando Garcia-Muro was shot by deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office while trying to shoot a dog that had attacked an officer but instead shot the 17-year-old.

Amber Alcantar woke up to a knock at a door at the door on Thursday morning by his nephew’s friend who was searching for Garcia-Muro’s mother in panic with a bloody shoes in his hand.

“Obviously something was wrong,” Alcantar said.

According to investigations, the officers were trying to fight off a dog attack when one of the bullets ricocheted off the driveway and hit the teen’s chest who later died at a hospital.

“My nephew was trying to save the dog because the cops started shooting at the dog,” Alcantar, the teen’s aunt said, “He put his life on the line for an animal that wasn’t even his.”

The sheriff department released a statement that said, “Preliminary investigation indicated the first six to eight feet where the shooting occurred with the pit bull, there was evidence of skip rounds on the driveway area. Detectives believe when the juvenile came out from behind the building, which was approximately 40 feet away from where the shooting occurred with the dog, the juvenile may have been struck by one of the skip rounds.”

The deputy injured by the dog bite was also hit by a bullet fragment in his right leg but is currently in a stable condition after he brought to the hospital for medical attention.

The dog’s owner who chose not to be identified said she knew Garcia-Muro because neighborhood kids would often use her home as a local hangout where they listen to music, etc.

“They are all my friends, they are good kids,” the woman said.

Her dog was a 3-year-old blue-nosed pit bull that is known to be a well-mannered even when off its leash. She denied allegations that her dog triggered the incident.

“That’s not my dog, that’s not his personality,” she said.

The dog was also shot and survived but will be euthanized according to authorities.

Source: TIME


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