Girl Informed This Dress Was Too Sexual For School; Do You Agree? [PHOTOS]

A student from Lone Peak High School was told that her dress must be covered up because it was too inappropriate for the Preference Dance at the school.

Gabi Finlayson, 15, couldn’t wait to wear her new dress to the upcoming high school dance. She even went so far as to have the dress altered so it would not be deemed inappropriate by the school’s strict standards.

She had the perfect outfit picked out for the school dance last weekend: A lacy, light pink sleeveless dress that fell to mid-calf but School officials saw it differently.

According to reports, a school representative told her that she needed to cover her shoulders because they were left exposed by her dress.

“She said, ‘Would you mind putting on a shawl?’ I didn’t want to make a big scene so I said, yes. I had a coat in the car so I had to go back and get it,” Finlayson told the local outlet.

However, now the high schooler is speaking out — and she’s upset that she was forced to wear her winter coat throughout the entire dance.

“Somehow my shoulders are sexualized. Like it’s my responsibility to make sure the boys’ thoughts are not unclean.” KUTV reports

She added that many girls were wearing more revealing dresses than hers at the dance and criticized the apparent double standard.

Finlayson’s mother, Kristy Kimball, was also angry.

“How have we gotten to the point that we look at shoulders as if they’re somehow pornographic? As if they are this shameful thing,” said Kimball.

Finlayson also said that she felt she was shamed for wearing what most people would consider a perfectly normal and appropriate dress.

“Maybe instead of teaching girls they should cover themselves up, we should be teaching boys that we’re not just sex objects that you can look at and derive pleasure,” she said.

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Photo Credit: Today News

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