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Teen Who Left Note That She’d Be Home Soon Found Dead (Photo)

 Teen Who Left Note That She’d Be Home Soon Found Dead (Photo)

Jamie Lee Allison Magras, a senior at Northwestern High School, was found dead on May 1st after leaving her house at 1 AM.  She had written a note to her parents stating that she was going out for a while but would be back by six.  She never returned.  Her parents and her stepfather’s company offered a ten thousand dollar reward and they distributed 10,000 flyers in hopes of finding Jamie.

 According to Maietta, Magras had never done something like this before.

Her family was concerned she may have met someone, possibly through the internet.

“As far as we know, she didn’t take any supplies,” Maietta said. “It’s frightening to think she is hungry.”

Magras did take her driver’s license, but not her wallet. And a black jacket and other clothing items, including jeans and gray shorts, were missing from the home.

Maietta also said Magras was on medication and without it could have seizures.

Searches were conducted by a helicopter, K-9 units and on foot to find the young woman, but came up empty. By April 30, the sheriff’s office had gotten no new leads on where Magras was.

On May 1, Magras’ body was found in a wooded area near a creek, the York County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook Live video.

A K-9 unit searched the area Magras’ body was found in after a tip was received that the girl may have been seen there, said Trent Faris, public information officer for the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Faris said:

“It’s not the outcome that anybody wanted from this.”

He extended his sympathy to the family and then thanked all the people who aided his department in their search for the girl.  An autopsy will be conducted but police say that foul play is not suspected and called it an unfortunate incident.

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