• July 22, 2024

Teen Poses For Photos At Practice, Gets Shock Of Her Life When She Turns Around [PHOTOS]

 Teen Poses For Photos At Practice, Gets Shock Of Her Life When She Turns Around [PHOTOS]

It is without a doubt that soldiers sacrifice a lot for their country. These brave individuals sacrifice nearly everything so that we may have the freedom that we enjoy. At times, they spend years abroad without seeing their family and friends. Although the time away feels like an eternity, the wait will eventually come to an end.

With Veterans Day just passing by came a touching story about two siblings reuniting.


For the last six years, Brandon Griffith was away from California serving in the United States Marine Corps. Although Brandon was away, his family has always kept him in their thoughts, especially his younger sister — Alea.

As Veterans Day approached this year, it made Alea miss her brother a little more than usual.

“I’ve been thinking about him all day today,” Alea said. “… I was thinking, ‘What if I never get to see him again?’ ”
Little did she know, Alea was about to receive an emotional Veterans Day surprise when her brother unexpectedly showed up in front of her.


During basketball practice at Barberton High School, Alea posed for pictures with her teammates and coach, Greg Whitmer.

While posing for pictures, Alea felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around. After turning around and seeing her brother, her jaw dropped as she was left in tears.


Alea couldn’t believe her eyes. After six long years, she is finally able to see her brother again. The siblings then shared a long overdue hug while Alea’s teammates applauded the emotional encounter.

An emotional scene that really touches one’s, heart. A round of applause for individuals such as Brandon who serve in our armed forces. It is heroes like him that protect us from harm’s way. Bless him and his family for all that they have given up.

If you want to watch the video, you can find it below.

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