Teen Girl Who Abused Autistic Boy Learns Her Fate Standing Before Judge


A 17-year-old Maryland girl has been sentenced to four years in a juvenile facility for tormenting an autistic boy, and recording the abuse on camera.

Lauren Bush pleaded guilty to distribution of an obscene video and second-degree assault.

According to an NBC Washington report, the Maryland teenager will be released before she turns 21.

The case began in adult court, where she faced up to 80 years in prison. It was moved down, however, to juvenile court – a move that outraged the victim’s father.

“I think she’s a danger to herself and to the community,” the victim’s father said of the high school junior.

The victim has only been identified by his middle name, Michael.

Police have said that Bush and her 15-year-old friend beat up Michael, then forced him into a frozen pond and tried to run him over with a car.

Furthermore, the girls recorded all of the crimes on their cellphones.

One of the videos shows the girls asking the 16-year-old boy to get the family dog and have sex with it.

Michael’s parents reportedly forced themselves to watch all of the videos during trial; Michael’s father said that the one he found most disturbing showed Bush kicking Michael and pulling his hair, then holding a knife up to Michael’s throat.

The boy’s father said that that particular clip showed his son “being assaulted in my own house with one of my kitchen knives.”

“It was really disturbing they would do that – and film it,” Michael’s father said.

“I don’t know where this would have ended if the girls hadn’t been arrested,” he added.

Bush’s 15-year-old accomplice was sentenced to up to six years in a juvenile facility.

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