• June 24, 2024

Teen Believes She Is Attending A Party, Then She Notices A Giant Hole Waiting For Her

 Teen Believes She Is Attending A Party, Then She Notices A Giant Hole Waiting For Her

A group of young girls reportedly tortured and attempted to kill a 14-year-old girl because of jealousy over a boy. The Sun reports that the group, aged 13 to 16, were filmed dragging their victim into a shallow grave that they had dug before brutally attacking the 14-year-old with sticks and a machete. The victim, who had been tied up, was reported to have been beaten for nearly four hours.

After the girl managed to escape, she received help from those in the area while her attackers washed blood off of their hands. According to the Daily Mail, Investigators believe that the group’s plan was to kill the girl, after one of the girls admitted that she was annoyed that the victim had escaped. She is reported to have said that the group’s plan failed because they were “slack”.

The group’s motive is believed to have been jealousy. The victim had reportedly been organizing a 15th birthday party with help from one of the attackers’ boyfriends.

“The youngsters we arrested said the victim started seeing that boy,” said police chief Renata Vieira, who added that jealousy over the victim’s relationship with the boy was believed to be the group’s main motive for the brutal attack. “These girls all went to the same school and one of them had known the victim at least 10 years,” Vieira added.

The 14-year-old victim said that she had gone to the house where she was attacked after she had been told there would be a party there.

“They called me round to their house, and when I arrived, they began to hit me,” she said. “They tied me up and showed me where I was going to be buried. Then they stabbed me and put me in the hole in the ground. I thought I was going to die there.” The girls now face charges of torture and attempted homicide. Because of the attackers’ ages, if convicted they are expected to serve up to three years in a young offenders’ facility.

“The whole thing is terrifying. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a situation like this,” said Judge Karine Spinelli.


  • This is what the “Progressive” or “Left” ideology has created. When one looks at the behavior of those on the “Left”, from Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. violence is routine thing that is promoted.

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