Teen Asks Why She Was Rejected After Job Interview, Then Gets This Response

A teenage girl has slammed a steak restaurant on social media after they rejected her for a job via text with a laughing emoji.

Megan Dixon, 18, interviewed for a job at a new location of a Miller & Carter steakhouse in Enderby, Leicestershire. Assistant manager Shantel Wesson interviewed Megan for the position.

Megan Dixon, 18, And The Actual Text From Carter Steakhouse's Assistant Manager
Megan Dixon, 18, And The Actual Text From Carter Steakhouse

Quickly following the interview, Dixon says she was shocked to receive a text from Wesson simply saying, “It’s a no x.”

Dixon asked, “How come?” She was even more surprised by the response.

“Just not engaging,” Wesson wrote. “And answers we’re ‘like’ basic.”

Basic is a slang term referring to somebody who is unoriginal or cliche.

Wesson’s response included a laughing face emoji, and Dixon took it as Wesson mocking her.

Megan spoke about the interview with the Daily Mail.

“I thought it was strange she didn’t shake my hand, I thought she would have been more professional,” Dixon told the Daily Mail. “She had her phone out for the entire time, I didn’t really feel like I was in an interview.”

Dixon says that at the end of her interview, she asked Wesson when should expect to hear back about the job. Wesson told her she could expect to hear back in several days, only to send her the text message just moments later.

“I can maybe understand why my answers were basic, but I haven’t really had many interviews before,” the teen said. “Shantel was asking about my proudest moment, but I’m only 18 so it’s not like I can say my kid or my marriage. To text me a minute after I’d walked out saying that is nasty.”

Megan says she wishes she had walked back into the restaurant after receiving the text message.

“I was so shocked and I wish I’d gone back in there,” Dixon said. “My mum was so angry — these big companies can’t treat people like that. It has definitely put me off the company.”

Miller & Carter was advertising 50 new job openings for their newest location in Enderby, and Dixon, an A-level student, thought the opening would be a good opportunity to earn some money for college, The Sun reports.

A spokesperson for Miler & Carter released a statement after the incident. The company says it will investigate.

“We can’t [apologize] enough to Megan,” the steakhouse’s spokesperson said in a statement. “It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way. The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate.”

Sources: americanow.com

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