Teen Arrested After Five Acid Attacks in Just 84 Minutes

A 16 year old London boy has been arrested for a string of acid attacks that occurred in an 84 minute attack.  London has been dubbed “Acid Attack Capitol”.  IN 2016 there were 458 acid attacks in just London alone.

Acid attacks are common among gangs because it is cheap and can be bought in any grocery store in the form of drain cleaners and other products and does not carry a penalty if you are caught with it like clubs, knives and guns do.  Police are asking for help in identifying the second suspect.

 Police described the attacks in their statement, which revealed the first attack took place at 22:25 on the Hackney road. Officers said the male victim had been on a moped when a pair of men on a second moped pulled up beside him.

The men threw a “corrosive substance” into his face, before stealing his moped and riding away. When officers responded, they found that the man had sustained facial injuries, but they are not being treated as “life threatening or life changing”.

The second attack took place 40 minutes later on Shoreditch High Street — a location just half a mile away. Once again, two men on a moped threw acid into the face of a man, who was taken to a hospital.

Eight minutes after that, police received a third call after a man in his 20s had acid thrown in his face. The most serious of the attacks, a crime scene was set up at the location and the man is reported to have received “life-changing” injuries.

Another 19 minutes later police received a fourth call when another man on a moped had acid thrown in his face, with the attackers stealing his moped and again riding off.

The final incident took place in Islington, North London, and took place another 12 minutes later when a man was reported to have had a corrosive substance thrown in his face by two males on a moped.

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